Tuesday, April 7, 2009


There is no perfect system - no perfectly organised office, home or lifestyle! Why? Simply, because 'LIFE Happens'.

Systems merely help us cope with everything that life throws our way. How well we cope, however, is governed by and directly attributed to these systems.

Are we able to cope with our daily tasks at work? Can we handle additional workloads? Can we access the right tools? Do we have the knowledge to harness additional resources?

Is our home a haven? Can we relax in the comfort of our own home knowing that the washing is done, pantry stocked, meals planned and house is respectable should unexpected visitors grace our front door step?

Can we do our laundry without having to search for the detergent? Can we prepare the evening meal without having to make the rush-hour run to the supermarket for ingredients? Can we quickly finish our housework and get on with the fun things in life?

What about our family? Do they have things to do, places to go, people to see? Do we know about it? Will they be home for that evening meal we are preparing? Will they be home on a night that we have nothing planned for dinner?

What about all those appointments with doctors, dentists, school teachers? Social engagements such as birthday parties, engagements, weddings, christenings and even funerals? Not to mentions the extra curricular activities such as soccer, netball, play gym, music & dance classes?

Are we prepared? Do we have wrapping paper, ribbon, presents, cards, flowers? Do we know of any conflicting engagements/appointments? Are all the sports gear washed and ready to go?

Are we happy with our work/life balance? Do we take care of ourselves, eat well, exercise regularly, chill out or even reflect spiritually?

It makes you look at life in a different way. It can be very overwhelming to some, others shrug their shoulders in defeat and yet others embrace it and even find it exhilarating. The reason for these different attitudes?

Simply put, its the systems we employ on a daily basis that help us cope.

Without any systems, we drown in overwhelm.. With ineffective systems, we simply plod along and miss so many opportunities. With effective systems, we live life, enjoy the company of family and friends, feel contentment, achieve personal and professional goals and seize opportunities when they arise.

As I write this, I get some comfort knowing that I have some systems in place, but I'm perilously close to overwhelm.

My 'systems' are almost non-existent, I dangerously hover on the boder of overwhelm and indifference at times, but then I get a burst.

I tweak a bit here and there, compliment my existing system, declutter some more, plan a little bit ahead, and ask for assistance.

Little by little, I move closer to the 'other side'. It seems unattainable at times but the white light keeps flickering enticingly, beckoning me to a better place. :)

Frozen Cherry Trees

Frozen Cherry Trees