Friday, November 28, 2008

Disorganisation @Home

I recently responded to a blog on the Neat And Simple Living Cafe

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So, how come I am so organised at work but not so at home?

I didn't dare dwell on them for too long because I really didn't want to get into the psychological connotations but summarised like so:

1. I am very territorial so 'a place for everything & everything in it's place' is my motto along with 'borrow what you need & return it - otherwise risk getting your hands chopped off!'
2. I hate clutter so I work in a neat environment & tidy up at the end of the day
3. I have a routine for daily/weekly/monthly/annual to dos in order to be productive with the rest of my time
4. I am accountable for my actions -> work not done=boss not happy=losing job=:o(

Same as 1,2 & 3 BUT I am not accountable. Hubby & kids can't sack you, right? RIGHT????!!!

It basically comes down to this: at work I am in control of my surroundings & outcomes but at home, I have to share my surroundings and not everyone likes, agrees or works in the same way.

There has to be a compromise. I have discovered that this usually leads to some form of clutter, reduced productivity & disorganisation because I am not totally in control.

Do I sound like a control freak & perfectionist? HELL YEAH!!!!

Something wrong with wanting a neat, well run home with spare time to enjoy well prepared family dinners & outings? Or to spend some quality family time before the kids totally abandon us for their own friends & entertainment? Am I asking for too much?

No wonder I feel like I may have ADD! Hmmmmm, might go to the quack & get it checked out!

What do you think causes your disorganisation @Home

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